My name is Chow Keng Sun and I have been an affiliate and network marketer for about 8 years.

I am married and have a wonderful daughter and I live in Singapore.

I was working as a facility and energy specialist for about 35 years before I started my online business.

In my 8 years as an internet marketer, I have experienced many “ups and downs” challenges in my online journey. As an online marketer, I have also invested much in my internet education.

In my early years as an online marketer, I have experienced and encountered many challenges.

It is because of my daughter further education financial need which drive me to embark in my internet business.

It was in December 2011, I joined SFI (Strong Future International), I have a breakthrough in my online business where I started to make my first residual income.

Therefore, my mission is to mentor 10,000 like-minded people, how to overcome those “ups and downs”, challenges and also to guide and educate them how to earn residual income in the comfort of their home.